ORIGN: Sundi or Sunri people were known a Shaundika, Sundika and Shaha or Sahu

Sundi might be derivative of the Sanskrit word Shaundika meaning of a “Spirit Seller In the year 1891, Mr. H.H. Risley, mentioned that the sunri, Shaundika and Sundika a large and widely diffused caste found in most Districts of BIHAR, BENGAL and ORISSA whole profession was believed to be the manufacture and sale of Spiritual Liquiors. Some of the references to them were found in different Puranas also. But details are yet to be available.

MIGRANTS: Some of them have migrated in the past, from BIHAR and BENGAL, particularly to ORISSA and northern parts of ANDHRA, According to the 1981 census their population in Biharand Bengal was 2, 52, 331. They were primarly a Rural based community. The shape and a “ MESOCEPHALIC” Type of Nose.

TRADE: Many of its members took to mercantile pursuits called themseleves by the title Shaha or Sahu and disowned all connections with those who still followed ther characteristic occupation of the caste.

In Bihar and Bengal a section of Sundis called Saha or Sahu claiming themselves to the “Sadhu Banik” got themselves enlisted seperately during the 1931 census.

They claimed a Vaishya status. However, some Sahus opposed the move, because of certain customs such as not wearing of a sacred thread, Sagotra marriage etc. This elevation of the Sahu’s social position stimulated sundis, particularly those who no longer followed their traditional caste calling to aspire to a higher status.


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